Writing music and playing guitar since he was 8 years old","received art grant","had the concept and began work on Cosmic Justice-A Rock Opera” - Lourna Shanks

— Florence Morning News(Florence,SC)

Freewheeling live performances","Says passion for music","borders on chaos” - Jonathan Perry

— The State(Columbia,SC)

Hard rockin' crew","gained a reputation as a must-see","consummate rock guitarist","defies trends” - Michael Miller

— The State(Columbia,SC)

Only was a photo of me with a viking helmet on page 70 of issue 227,1999.(Alice Cooper on the cover)” - Uncredited photographer

— Famous Monsters of Filmland (US based international magazine)

Ruba Say And The Cosmic Rays have a new album coming out"-Page 56 of Mojo Magazine,issue 121(2003)(With Bob Dylan and The Beatles on the cover)” - Fred Dellar

— Mojo Magazine(UK based International magazine)

Unique band,to say the least","pure,unadulterated rock and roll” - Sean Mcguiness

— Gamecock(Columbia,SC)

Mythical overtones” - Milton Fitzgerald

— Quality Control(Columbia,SC)

Lotsa classic rock riffs”

— Indie File,(Charlotte,NC)

Put on this earth for one reason: to rock and roll","rockin' like hognuts” - Gina Webb

— Creative Loafing(Atlanta,Ga)

Ruba Say Knock You Out!"(headline),"Mr Entertainment himself, Ruba Say has finished work on a 10 song tape","Ruba Say, it's his spiritual name","No-one knows where he came from","We know they play his song "More Than I Need" on 90.5(WUOG Athens)” - Various Misc. articles

— Flagpole Magazine(Athens,Ga)

Cosmic odyssey","amazing","the fat lady has yet to sing for Ruba Say And The Cosmic Rays” - Herman Mutant

— Punk Floyd(Charleston,SC)