Florence Morning News(Florence,SC)

"Writing music and playing guitar since he was 8 years old","received art grant","had the concept and began work on Cosmic Justice-A Rock Opera"

The State(Columbia,SC)

"Freewheeling live performances","Says passion for music","borders on chaos"

The State(Columbia,SC)

"Hard rockin' crew","gained a reputation as a must-see","consummate rock guitarist","defies trends"

Famous Monsters of Filmland (US based international magazine)

Only was a photo of me with a viking helmet on page 70 of issue 227,1999.(Alice Cooper on the cover)

Mojo Magazine(UK based International magazine)

"Ruba Say And The Cosmic Rays have a new album coming out"-Page 56 of Mojo Magazine,issue 121(2003)(With Bob Dylan and The Beatles on the cover)


"Unique band,to say the least","pure,unadulterated rock and roll"

Quality Control(Columbia,SC)

"Mythical overtones"

Indie File,(Charlotte,NC)

"Lotsa classic rock riffs"

Creative Loafing(Atlanta,Ga)

"Put on this earth for one reason: to rock and roll","rockin' like hognuts"

Flagpole Magazine(Athens,Ga)

"Ruba Say Knock You Out!"(headline),"Mr Entertainment himself, Ruba Say has finished work on a 10 song tape","Ruba Say, it's his spiritual name","No-one knows where he came from","We know they play his song "More Than I Need" on 90.5(WUOG Athens)

Punk Floyd(Charleston,SC)

"Cosmic odyssey","amazing","the fat lady has yet to sing for Ruba Say And The Cosmic Rays"

Free Times(Columbia,SC

"Ruba Say is a Columbia institution","As one song on the cd says,"Rock And Roll Never Dies",especially if Ruba Say is putting out music like this","One of Columbias most colorful characters","irrepressible"."Guitar God Ruba Say","Columbias contribution to psychedelic electric guitar heaven","a blur musically and visually","Feedback blends into melody and back","Long Live The Rays!!!","mind-blowing new single "Train Of Thought","go find out what rock and roll is REALLY all about","Folk purists went berserk when Bob Dylan plugged in an electric guitar.What will the fallout be when rocker Ruba Say goes acoustic?","semi-legend",'A South Carolina style combination of Ace Frehley and Captain Beefheart","Rock and Roll the way you remember it"

Free Times(Columbia,SC

"Our towns ultimate missionary from the Church of Rock and Roll. The man eats,drinks and sleeps the stuff"

Free Times(Columbia,SC

"Retro rock band"

Free Times(Columbia,SC

"Ripping through raucous tunes"

Free Times(Columbia,SC

"The embodiment of rock and roll known as Ruba Say"

Free Times(Columbia,SC

"The time has come for Ruba Say","guttural tales of rock and roll and desperation",skewed alternative universe rock of Ruba Say is legendary in Columbia","non-stop rock and roll persona"<"in pursuit of his never ending ambition to write epics of Rock"

Free Times(Columbia,SC

"Fried guitar frenzy and stone crazy lyrical dementia","reckless and sincere passion for the sacred feedback,going places no sane man has gone before","A cosmic presence on the Midlands music scene","if anyone hs been truly saved by rock and roll it is Ruba Say","power rock shenanigans"